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Video of the 15th manaba seminar

On Friday 26th September the 15th manaba seminar took place with the main theme of how manaba is practically and creatively used in education.We were fortunate to have many education-related attendees who came from all parts of Japan.

Please watch and see for yourself how the seminar was and what presentations were made.

* This video is only offered in Japanese.

Watch videos of the sessions.

The 15th manaba seminar(Digest version)

The 15th manaba seminar(Session videos)

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・Session 5

manaba folio usage examples to encourage the proactive learning of students

Hagoromo University of International Studies
Center for Religion Student and Learning Support Group Leader
Taniguchi Taeko

Hagoromo University of International Studies
Career Center Sub-Leader
Tsujii Yasutaka

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