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Using manaba folio

Collect students’ work. Evaluate and give feedback - all online.

Courses (auto score / manual score / exercises)

Courses are where the instructors and students can have discussions, distribute and collect assignments or distribute course materials. The course member can be registered by the system administrator.

Submission management (individual / mutual review)

Instructors can make different kinds of “assignments” in manaba folio, including one-to-one review assignments which instructors can use to give detailed feedback, or mutual review assignments, which is to let students review each other’s work. These assignments can be either Form-based Assignment which students fill out a question form and submit, or File-based Assignment which students upload a file to submit.

One-to-one assignments

Instructors and students can exchange feedback and comments on a student’s work using one-to-one assignments. Examples of usage include submission of academic goal setting sheets or course registration/evaluation charts. Instructors add written advice to these and students can revise them. These assignments are also useful for career education and thesis writing.


Instructors can use manaba to give grades and give feedback to students. Both assignments submitted and extracurricular activities can be evaluated in manaba based on the arbitrary selected evaluation items. This evaluation data can be stored in student’s portfolio.


The threaded discussion forum in each course can be used for any kind of discussion. Forums are useful for sharing handouts and reference materials as different types of files can be attached. It is also possible to receive a reminder when a comment has been posted to a forum.


Portfolio space will be allotted to each student. All submissions and evaluations made in courses will be accumulated in the portfolio. Also, students are allowed to use the portfolio to store their own research materials and even to publish it to classmates. The manaba portfolio has unlimited data space.


Assignments that are handed out in courses will be accumulated in student’s portfolio space. There is an optional feature for instructors to insert digitized paper based assignments or electronic files collected via other online submission systems to student’s portfolio.

My Collection

Students can create their own collection of their work, called “My Collection”. It is possible to set the publication range of the collection. Each collection can have files attached and so students can use it for daily report of their fieldwork sessions, for photo albums or for sharing movie clips.


There is a special “management” page in each student’s portfolio, only accessible by instructors, where the instructors can share notes about the student. These notes may include a log of student-teacher conferences and advisory memos. These notes are not visible to the student.


manaba folio users can freely create online interest groups within manaba. They could be on any kind of subject like class projects or faculty groups, allowing students and instructors to create various communities and have discussions about them. This is a great opportunity for alumni to keep in touch with faculty and current students.

Optional features for Global Human Resource Development

The “Global human resource development option” is an optional manaba folio function that supports universities promoting students’ global competency. Functions to share and visualize students’ English skills and study-abroad record can be added. The interannual variation of student’s language skill levels can be studied either by department or by the student body as a whole.

* This Is an optional add-on function of manaba folio.

TOEIC/TOEFL scores, Study-abroad records

Students can voluntarily register language test scores (such as TOEIC and TOEFL), study abroad records and internship records. System administrators can also enter school-provided exam scores or download the scores to see the interannual variation.

Statistics function to confirm interannual variation

Systems administrators can batch download the data which students have entered in manaba.

Public portfolio

Students can choose photo or report collections from their portfolio and create a showcase portfolio which can be publicized over the internet. Study-abroad blogs including photo albums and movie clips can be shared with professors and friends at study-abroad destination. The public portfolio can be linked to Facebook or LinkedIn.



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