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e-Portfolio for collecting learning experiences

Each Student Has Personal Portfolio Space

manaba folio is a progressive portfolio system that offers an innovative cloud application service. It allows students to store and access their school files from anywhere, encouraging them to review their work and/or share them with others for peer assessment. This product can be quickly implemented in different types of academic and organizational settings very well, including small project groups, groups involving hands-on training, etc.

Collect and reflect on learning evidence such as assignments and daily reports.
Receive completed assignments from students and give them back to students with comments. Those comments will be automatically accumulated in students’ portfolios. The instructor is able to control who is able to view the comments (just the student, other students, etc.).
Staff members
Search for student’s portfolios and browse through student’s learning evidence.
What is a portfolio?
Portfolio originally means “a paper clip” or “a file for personal works”. In the educational field it is the term used to describe a container to store learning artifacts or the educational method that assimilates a portfolio to a learning experience. manaba folio’s e-portfolio space enables information sharing between student, instructor and staff beyond time and location.

Uses of manaba folio

Teacher Training
Compile a Course History in the portfolio. It is also possible for instructors to give advice on shared reports or movie clips that have been uploaded in manaba folio during teacher training.
Study-abroad Support
A consistent online support can be provided for students from pre-departure orientation until the end of the program. It is also possible to give online pre-departure sessions for incoming international students as manaba has an English page.
Career Support
Paper based self-assessment sheets such as career goal sheets and career decision charts can be stored. By creating form-type surveys it is possible to capture all changes the student has experienced. The data accumulated over the years can be downloaded in an Excel-format file.
Corporate Education
Start an online corporate education course using manaba folio. Our clients use manaba folio to hand out and collect assignments before a training session and use the collected information in the portfolio for their career development after the training session.
System Requirements
Windows: Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, Firefox 3.0 or later, Safari 3.0 or later.
Mac: Firefox 3.0 or later, Safari 3.0 or later.



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