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Systems Integration Solutions

Integration with Student Information System

Excellent usability can be achieved by integrating manaba course with other academic systems. A flexible system configuration can be achieved to meet your requirements.

Integration with Student Information System

We have the tools to integrate a school’s Student Information System (SIS) with manaba course. manaba will always hold the newest up-to-date information by regularly and automatically taking from the SIS student information, course information and course registration information. Even course registration data which may contain more than 6 million records can be updated within an hour.
The system integration tools are residing in manaba’s system administrator console. Should there be errors in the data that SIS created, the System Administrator will instantly receive a report by email. The System Administrator can then quickly deal with the problem by using the administrator console. Administrators can use the tools with peace of mind as records of past updates are kept in the system.

Authentication Server Integration

The usability of manaba course can be dramatically enhanced by integrating it with other systems using services such as single sign-on (SSO), LDAP, Active Directory, RADIUS, and Kerberos, as that will standardize the ID and password for all connected systems.
It is also possible to issue an original manaba ID and password for external users like auditors and visiting lecturers, while issuing common authentication ID and passwords for internal users.

School’s Syllabus, Portal And Other System Integration

Consult us for planning out system integration at your school. Not only do we have experience with syllabus systems and school portals, but we also have experience with movie archive servers and messaging systems. The main pages of manaba course, including attachment files, are allocated an URL that can be easily direct-linked from other systems. Access permissions can be assigned per user.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Implementation

manaba course supports SAML protocol and it has a record of SSO configuration such as GakuNin (By the Academic Access Management Federation in Japan. A SSO system using Shibboleth). By using GakuNin authentication, multiple universities can co-exist in manaba course. It is also possible to provide non-SSO login method for users who are not registered in the authentication server.



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