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Using manaba course

Enhanced Assignment Functionality

Tests - Autoscore, Manual Score, Exercises

There are three types of tests - Auto score test for registering the correct answers and points to each question in advance, Manual score test for scoring student’s answers manually, and Exercise, which students can repeatedly take for practice.

Assignments - Mutual Review, Individual Evaluation

Mutual review assignment allows students to read and comment on each other’s work. Individual assignment is for when you want to tutor students on a one-on-one basis. Of course, it is also possible to just collect students’ work.

Projects - Project-based Learning, Small Group Learning

Projects is a tool to support learning and PBL (Project based learning). Instructors can divide students into multiple teams. A forum will be created for each team. Assignments can be turned in as a team. Instructors can participate in teams to check the progress of discussions or to act as a facilitator. Projects can also be used to share files with specific groups of students.

Grades - Give feedback to every assignment

Grades is used to individually give scores and feedback to your students. Not only can the grades of tests and assignments made in manaba course be distributed, the grades of paper based assignments can also be entered and distributed in manaba course.

e-Portfolio - Accumulate and review learning history

All the learning activity of students using manaba course will be accumulated in their portfolio space. By clicking on Portfolio, your students will always have access to their own submissions and all feedback on them. Instructors also have access to students’ portfolios and may comment on student’s work while referring back to student’s past submissions and grades.

Reliable Student Contact

Course News

Course News is an efficient way to make class announcements to students. As soon as an instructor makes an announcement using Course News, students will receive an email alert sent to their email address. Students will log in to manaba course to check the announcement and that access will be logged and teachers can therefore know which students have read the announcement.

Course Material Distribution

Resources can be used to distribute course materials to students in advance of a class. Instructors can view each resource page and know how much reading each student has done. Resources that have been added to manaba may be used again by using the import/export function.

Forum / Course Member List

Messages posted on Forum can be sent with a reminder to students. There are many ways to employ this feature, like collecting questions about the reading materials before the class starts. Instructors may check students’ access data and activities within manaba course by referring to the Course member list.

What is a reminder?
Reminders are email sent by the manaba system to students. Every time assignments, announcements or comments are published in manaba, an email reminder can be sent to each students’ preferred email address.

Attendance, Real-time Survey Option

The Attendance and Real-time Survey option can be added to manaba course. Students will use their smartphones to submit attendance information. Instructors can manage the attendance status from within manaba course. A dedicated high-speed server is used for this option so that real-time collection of results can be achieved. This option can be used for a variety of purposes, not just for collection of attendance information.

* This is an optional function that can be added to the standard manaba course system.

Confirming Attendance On Mobiles

Students can use either smartphones or feature phones (limited capability mobile phones) to send an attendance record. Personal computers can also be used for this purpose. If the attendance page has been bookmarked in advance, the attendance submission process completes in just two steps.

Taking Surveys (Anonymously)

Instructors may choose from two types of surveys. Question, a simple single-answer form or Surveys, a multi-question form. These surveys can be used for a mini quiz that can be used for attendance purposes or for a comprehension check. And, as submissions can be made anonymously, it is possible to take survey from non-manaba users such as at events like open-campus.

Results In Real-Time

Students’ responses to questions will be shown in the instructor’s page in real time, as will animated charts and the flow of students’ comments. High-speed processing will prevent delay even with concurrent access of a few hundred students. The teacher’s real-time view can be shared with a classroom by using a projector and a screen.

Expansion Of Active Learning

The showing of survey results in real-time will encourage student participation. This option can contribute greatly to active learning in the classroom.



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