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On Oct. 30th (Friday), Asahi Net will host the 17th manaba seminar in Osaka.

This time, our seminar will consist of greater variety of contents. Some examples include trends in higher education, and real-life examples of ICT (manaba and other LMS, e-Portfolio) use in education. Please visit our Events page (“Our Seminars”, 2015) for more information.

The seminar report for the 16th seminar that held in Tokyo is available here(“Our Seminars”, 2015).

* The web page above is only available in Japanese.

* The lectures for the 17th seminar will be different from the ones of Tokyo seminar. Please join our 17th seminar.



Transition from SHA-1 to SHA-2

The signature algorithm of manaba’s TLS/SSL certificate will be changed from SHA-1 to SHA-2. This migration is crucial to provide secure communication to our customers.

Due to this transition, OS, web browsers and mobile devices such as feature phones or smart phones that do not support SHA-2 certificate and considered insecure, will not be able to display manaba. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

The actual transition date and inoperable devices may vary depending on the organization. Please contact manaba support desk for more information.



The use of Microsoft’s new web browser “Microsoft Edge”

Microsoft has released Windows 10 and its default web browser Microsoft Edge on July 29th, 2015. This page will inform you about the compatibility of manaba.

As a result of our system operation verification, we have confirmed the following problem:

《manaba course》
- Unable to attach files using “drag and drop” feature.

We are currently investigating detail of the problem. Please use the “File” button to attach files to your posts.

Should you have any other problem, it may be solved by selecting “Open with Internet Explorer” from the right top menu of Microsoft Edge and open the page with Internet Explorer 11.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact manaba support desk.



Seminar report for the 16th manaba seminar has been published.

The seminar report for the 16th manaba seminar held on Friday, July 3rd is now available.

Please take a look at our report from the Events page.
* This page is only available in Japanese.

The seminar videos will be published in the near future.


“respon option” is now released

The new “respon option” which was exhibited in the 16th manaba seminar has been officially released as manaba’s optional service.
respon offers extended features of the “attendance / real-time survey option” which has already been available for manaba course 2.
It is also compatible with manaba folio, which haven’t had the “attendance / real-time survey option” available.

Students can now download the free respon iOS/Android app, so that active learning can be easily exercised even in a big class room. In addition, more accurate attendance count is possible by turning on GPS.

The “attendance / real-time survey option” will continue to be available. Should you wish to switch to the “respon option”, additional fee will be charged.

Please contact us for applying or changing to the respon option.

Click here to access “respon” web page.

* This page is only offered in Japanese.



07-03-2015 (Fri) The schedule for the 16th manaba seminar has been proposed

The schedule for the 16th manaba seminar has been proposed.

For more information and registration, please visit this page.

* This page is only offered in Japanese.

In the morning, Asahi Net will host a pre-seminar session: How to employ manaba’s usage statistics function

In the afternoon, there will be concurrent presentations:
1. Sessions that faculty and staffs introduce case-studies for manaba use.
2. Booths and mini-seminars to introduce educational resources and new features of manaba.




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